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Product DescriptionTrusted by users around the world for more than 25 years, GLASSVAN® Surgical Blades are manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities and have. Bard-Parker® Stainless Steel Blades · Intended for tissue separation and other procedures that require a sharp surgical blade to puncture or cut · Offers the. Surgical Blades · Qlicksmart Surgical Blade Removal System BladeFlask. Our disposable scalpels provide a convenient and hygienic solution for surgical procedures. Each scalpel is individually packaged and sterile, eliminating the. Largest selection of OR Surgical Instruments in stock; for today's shipment. Call to utilize our knowledgeable staff & solve your instrument.

Surgical Blade 20 Used to make incisions through the skin and substantial amount of tissue. Curved cutting edge and a flat, unsharpened back edge; Box of Stainless steel surgical blades, #20 blade size, packaged individually, sterile, disposable, box of Swann-Morton No. 11 Sterile Carbon Steel Surgical Blade - Blades per Carton. This item offers Free Domestic Shipping with purchase of $50 or more. Disposable scalpels usually have a plastic handle with an extensible blade (like a utility knife) and are used once, then the entire instrument is discarded. VWR® Post-Mortem Autopsy Scalpel Blades Description: These high-quality Post Mortem Autopsy Scalpel Blades are made from surgical carbon steel blades and. Sterile Surgical Blades are perfectly fit with scalpel handles. The blades are available in carbon steel. They come in a sterile package with. Specially designed for manual exfoliation of the epidermis. The #10R blade when used on a 45 degree angle and carefully stroked across the desired area. Stainless steel surgical blades, #10 blade size, pre-assembled blades mounted on a plastic handle, packaged individually, sterile, disposable, box of Surgical Blades We carry a full line of grafting materials, pharmaceuticals and all supplies necessary to perform oral surgery. We believe in providing our. Propper Sterile Carbon Steel Surgical Blades provide precision with extremely sharp edges for your most delicate work. Superior cutting ability of Carbon. Size #22, #60, #70 scalpel blades are popular in Surgical Pathology, Necropsy, & Post Mortem applications. #10, #11, #15 blades are popular for MOHS.

For all cutting and trimming work. Finest quality, micro-sharp stainless steel surgical blades; heat treated to assure just the right rigidity and fle. A range of surgical blades and handles including retractables, fine range, majhor range, disposable scalpels, stitch cutters, post mortem and skin graft. SHARD® Premium+ Surgical Blades are available in the most popular blade shapes and are used throughout all surgical disciplines including cardiology. Scalpel Blades And Handles · #15C Sterile, Carbon Blade, /BX. #BLAD 15C · Micro Blade Handle Black. #MICRO-BLK-BLADE-HNDL · Scalpel Handle Black. #. These size 11 stainless steel blades are manufactured of high grade British surgical steel, resulting in exceptional durability and sharpness. Scalpel blade size 10 is available in three brands; Swann Morton, Cincinnati Surgical, and Lance. Shop our entire lineup today! INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED & STERILE: 15 Pcs high-carbon steel blade scalpels #10 work amazingly for cutting, Sterilized by gamma radiation. Propper Sterile Carbon Steel Surgical Blades provide precision with extremely sharp edges for your most delicate work. Superior cutting ability of Carbon. Propper Sterile Surgical Blades manufactured from Stainless Steel are available in a variety of precise shapes and sizes.

Scalpel blades are surgical blades used to make incisions intraorally. These disposable blades attach to scalpel handles. Manufacturer Name. Scalpel Blades #11 Dispoable Steriled Surgical Knife for Biology Anatomy, Dermaplaining, Podiatry, Practicing Cutting, Medical Student, Sculpting, Repairing. Kohler Micro Scalpel Blades. Add to Wish List. Select Options Add to Cart. Spring Garden Rd Halifax, NS Slightly larger than the No blade, the No is more semi circular in shape and is again sharpened along its leading edge. Used for making long incisions. Description. The sharpest carbon steel surgical blades available for all of your cutting, trimming and scraping needs. Disposable blades snap onto a well-.

What Is a Scalpel Used For? Metal and, more recently, ceramic scalpels are typically associated with surgical use: cutting skin and tissue during surgical. For standard scalpel handles No. 3 and No. 4. Made of surgical steel, sterile and individually packed in aluminum foil. Differ in size and curvature. Comes in. Cincinnati Surgical Blades. Loading Product Currently Unavailable. 19 Sterile Surgical Blades, Carbon Steel [individually packed, box of ]. The #15 blade, with its specific size and shape, is commonly used in dental procedures such as periodontal surgery and oral surgery, allowing for precise and.

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